Fun, quirky and beautiful inside and out - Juliette Perkins has been on our wish list to shoot with for quite sometime and she didn't disappoint, being an absolute dream to work with. We have a chat to our latest muse, Mum to be and international model Juliette Perkins.

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Age : 22
Star sign : Libra 

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Thoughtful, kind, mature

Favourite quote/ words of advice you've been given : 
My mum always taught me to be kind to everyone no matter what and I feel like that’s really shaped the person I am today because I’ve really tried to stick to that my whole life. 

Welcome back to NZ! Tell us a bit about your journey so far over the last 6 months. 

Well I’m actually 6 months pregnant today so interesting! I’ve lived in South Africa for the first trimester which was a journey to say the least, morning sickness is no joke. Then came back to Australia and worked through my second trimester. Now I’m back in New Zealand just getting stuff ready for arrival of our baby girl. It’s been full of ups and downs but honestly loving growing her everyday. 

How did your modelling career begin and what has been the highlight for you so far?

It began when I was 13 I would say I signed with red11 in New Zealand and then a few weeks later signed with IMG worldwide. I moved straight to Australia and it has been a great ride ever since. My highlight was definitely shooting Victoria’s Secret. It was a dream of mine for so long so it was an amazing time to be there on set.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! How have you found your pregnancy journey so far? What has surprised you the most? 

Thankyou so much! It’s such an awesome experience. My first trimester was not great but I was honestly just so excited to meet this little girl that everyday was almost easy to get through even though I was in hospital a lot. Ever since 12 weeks I’ve been feeling amazing!! Sleeping is getting abit harder now but still feeling great! How my body has changed has amazed me. I appreciate my body so much more and for growing this human. 

How has covid affected your job and what positives have you taken away from any challenges you've faced?

It’s definitely affected my job alot. I’m normally on a plane every other day going to a different job and I haven’t done that for a year and a half. Thankfully I can work well in Australia and could still work. I just appreciate the times I’ve had so much more in the industry now and how much it taught me. Travelling, working with people from all over the world, experiencing different cultures is so amazing and I can’t wait to get back into it after bub

What do you have planned for yourself over next 12 months? 

The next 12 months will definitely be enjoying being a new mum and hopefully travelling abit more. Fingers crossed!

This collection features loads of beautiful styles suitable for mums and mums to be, what was your favourite style/s?

Fave styles from the collection are the linen blouse and linen pants and the gold midi knit dress. 

Collection :: Age of Aquarius : The Dawning
Photography :: Brijana Cato
Muses :: Juliette Perkins
Makeup Artist :: Rebekah Banks
Hair Stylist :: Kelly Manu
Styling + Creative Direction :: Neon Collective
Location :: West Auckland
Juliette is 1.8m tall

Spell ~ Age of Aquarius : The Dawning
9am NZST in-store Mount + Ponsonby
12pm NZST online - www.neoncollective.co.nz

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